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Edit Out The Negative

Edit Out The Negative

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We are excited to announce that our highly anticipated pre-order for our latest shirt designs are now open! We want to keep you informed about the process and timeframe involved in creating your tee.

Once you place your pre-order, our team will immediately begin the steps to create your custom shirt. The timeframe for this process depends on our trusted screenprint vendors, but rest assured, we aim to work quickly and efficiently to get your shirt to you as soon as possible. Our goal is two weeks or less. 

Here's a breakdown of the steps involved in bringing your tee to life:

1. Pre-order Placement: Visit our website or store to place your pre-order for the desired size and color of your tee. We recommend securing your order early to ensure availability.

2. Production Coordination: After the pre-order period ends, we will coordinate with our screenprint vendor to initiate production. This includes preparing the artwork, selecting the appropriate printing method, and organizing the necessary materials.

3. Printing Process: Our screenprint vendor will begin the printing process based on the quantity of pre-orders received. They will use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that every tee meets our strict standards.

4. Quality Control: Once the printing is complete, our team will carefully inspect each shirt to ensure that it meets our quality criteria. We believe in delivering only the best to our valued customers.

5. Packaging and Shipping: After passing our rigorous quality control, your tee will be carefully packaged and prepared for shipment. We will provide you with a tracking number so that you can monitor the progress of your delivery.

We understand that you're eager to receive your tee, and we appreciate your patience throughout the production process. While the exact timeframe may vary, we estimate that it will take approximately [number of days/weeks] for your shirt to be created and delivered to your doorstep.

Rest assured that we are committed to working diligently to process and ship your pre-order as quickly as possible. In the unlikely event of any delays, we will notify you promptly and keep you updated on the status of your order.

Thank you for your trust and support in choosing our brand. We can't wait for you to rock your new tee and be part of our community.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

Warm regards,

Team Khryssy

Apparel Shipping & Turnaround Times:

  • All apparel is made after the order has been placed. While we have a lot of blank materials on hand, there may be times in which I will need to order your size, color, or other item for your apparel request. The suppliers that we use are super fast (99.9% of the time) which means we can have what is needed by the very next day. If there are any delays to your request, I will contact you immediately.
  • Standard shipping
  • 7-10 business day turnaround
  • Free standard shipping on orders over $35
  • Looking for a color but don't see it? Please let us know, and we will work with you to get you the exact color you are looking for!
  • Backorder / Preorder items shipping time will be communicated with the customer
  • Please contact us with any questions at

    The Khryssy Guarantee:
    Before Khryssy products go out, each product is personally inspected thoroughly to ensure that it meets our high expectations of quality merchandise. If the product does not meet Khryssy standards, it is discarded and remade until it is approved.

    Please Note: Images shown on the listings are digitalized and shown as mockups. The actual look of the final product can slightly differ as we handcraft each one.
    Colors may appear slightly different on the final product from the color you see on your computer screen.

    Contact Us:
    Have a question? Looking for a more customized product? Please message us here at or send us an email at

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